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Sri Gayatri Sahasranamah

Gayatri is said to be the mother of the Vedas. She it the all powerful almighty, the infinite creative Mother principle Of the supreme divine that pervades oil existences, microcosmit and macrocosmic, and Supports the functioning of indriyas (instruments of Volition thought, Action and Experience) Inner as Welt as outer. She is the infinite source, Blissful and Effulgent, of Love, Life, end truth, and has the infallible power of Perfection.

The Chanting of Gayatri Mantra is Popular and is the Effective mode of Drawing her Source of Energy. So also, the Hearing of the Thousand Epithets of her not only Gives a Vivid Picture of her powers but also purifying. Ennobling, and Exating the listeners, it Transforms and Develops the Listener from Mortal Weakness to immortal Power and Strength from Emasculating Thraldom to Eternal life - Enriching Freedom from Stunting Limitations to Infinite divine progress- she is alone Worshipped in different names as Savitri and Saraswati when she is Identified with the Powers She Showers At Different Cycles of time as Brhadaranyak Upanishad Puts It.. wish the listeners to attain the everlasting prosperity!

Track Listing:

  • Srigayathrisahasranamam
  • Srisavithr1manthram
  • Srisaraswathisthothram

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