Mahalakshmi Audio Titles

SamruddhiThe healing sounds of Mahalaxmi by Dr. Balaji Tambe

The outcome of years of hard work and research, 'Samruddhi' is an offering from Dr. Balaji Tambe to the Goddess of wealth and prosperity - Shri Mahalaxmi. The musical arrangement and composition evoke the energies of the Goddess, resulting in her choicest blessings to the devotees.

This album has been composed by Dr. Balaji Tambe who is a gifted and versatile artist, whose concerts in India and Europe always attract a large number of people. Throughout the years in which Dr. Balaji Tambe has been practicing meditation and working as an Ayurvedic doctor, the music has emerged as an expression of his inner self. Later on, the music was recorded and used for research purposes.

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