Mystical Om A Journey to the Self

What is Om, you may ask? Om is a word of power - the promodial sound, the sound with which this creation was born. All sounds proceed from Om and all sounds return to Om.

Om itself is omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. Om has no beginning, no middle and no end. Om is the signature of God.

Om gives strength to the mind, nerves and body. It helps you face problems with poise, clarity and courage. The Yogissay Om widens the consciousness and gives knoledge and power to face life.

Om gives purity, joy, contentment and detachment; a magic wand to blow away the clouds of depression, inertai, negative feelings and fear. When you chant Om you open yourself to a higher Force and Grace that bestows a sense of detachment, building aura of harmony and positive vibrations. Om is pure pleasure, it is pure knowledge, it is pure light and it is pure love.

How to meditate on Om?
Sit in a comfortable position and still your body movements. Tell your body to be at peace. Be quiet in parts of your being. Then...Meditate on Om by visualising Om and think of its benefits...Meditate on the sound of Om...Feel the vibrations of Om...Hear the resonance and echoes of Om

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