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Shree Ram Mantra

Ram - the very name translates to devotion and idealness of life. The essence of the truest form of perfection and discipline that can be attained in our lives should be inspired from Shree Ram. It is believed that simply by chanting Shree Ram's name or Mantra is enough for achieving salvation, peace and serenity in our mere mortal lives. This album is a superb combination of the finest voice in the form of Suresh Wadkar and the mesmerizing chanting of the Lord's name that reaches a pinnacle of meditation ambience culminating in to serene and pure thoughts in our very conscience. The album ends with the beautifully rendered Aarti of Shree Ram - ' Aarti Kijey Shree Raghuvar Ki'

Singer : Suresh Wadkar

Music : Sanjayraj Gaurinandan

Lyrics : Amar

CD: $5.95
Cassette: $2.50

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