Tulsi Ke Ram Audio Title

Tulsi Ke Ram

To provide you with a perspective on the thought process and wisdom of Kabir, Meera, Tulsidas & Surdas, the famous four poet prophets, we present their landmark verses.

These poems by Kabir, Meera, Tulsidas & Surdas treat universal themes and have great popular appeal even today.

Drown your egos and immerse in the selfless love for Lord Ram with Tulsidas.

  • Music composed, arranged & conducted by Ashit Desai
  • Narrated in Hindi by Brij Bhushan & Rekha Bhimani
Track Listing:
  • Shri Ramchandra Kripalu
  • Commentary
  • Kaam Koha Mada Maan
  • Commentary
  • Bhaja Mana Ram Charan
  • Commentary
  • Aiso Ko Udaar Jaga Mahi
  • Commentary
  • Madhav Moh Phaans
  • Commentary
  • Man Pachhite Avasar
  • Commentary
  • Ghana Ghamand Nabha
  • Commentary
  • Raghuvar Tumko Meri Laaj
  • Commentary
  • Kahan Ke Pathik
  • Commentary
  • Jake Priya Na Raam
  • Commentary
  • Jai Raam Ram Ramanam
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