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Mere Sai

The mystical name of Sai Baba has always been known to have a certain aura around its entire persona. Simplicity and truth these are the two terms that come to mind as and when we refer to one of the greatest teachers and philosophers of our time. His life and His teachings have been a constant source of numerous debates and have enlightened millions of His followers all over the globe who have spread His message of goodwill and brotherhood with unending sincerity.

This album attempts to enliven all His teachings and the one and only voice of Lata Mangeshkar does full justice to the contents and lyrics of this soothing devotional album. The dhun Mere Sai encompasses the milieu of love and peace and successfully delves into the traditional meditation form of Bhajan thus presenting a rare opportunity to the innumerable of Sai devotees to add this priceless album to their collection of Sai Baba Bhajan titles.

Track Listing:

  • Mere Sai
  • Lata Mangeshkar

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