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Sri Shirdi Saibaba Mantras

Sai (meeans "saint" in persian) the word that gets repeated as a mantra often and with utmost devotion by people all over the world. Shirdi sal baba was the divine incarnate and has a large number of Hindu, Parsi and Muslim devotees. Christians and Sikhs also pray to him. The vibrant religious harmony were reflected in his words "sob ka malik ek' (one god governs all). In him were vested the philosophy of all saints; he practised and preached humanism and universal brotherhood. He established superiority of love and compassion above egoism. He taught simplicity of livelihood and excellence of human virtue reflected in day to day conduct.

In today's world, humankind is looking for fast-paced, magical solutions to the problems. All intellectual exercises to bring about peace in the world and happiness to mankind have failed for these efforts are not based on humanism, universalism and love as taught by shri sai. The magnetic pull of Shirdi Shri Sai Baba's divine soul is felt by all those who merely think of him. Baba promised to drive away the miseries, of all his devotees and bestows plenty of joy and happiness, help and guide and the overall prosperity!

Hence, this compact disc contains mantras consisting of prayers to Shirdi Sai Baba.

These are tuned in a spiritual rhythm and recited by Dr. R. Thiagarajan, the head of the postgraduate and research dept. Of sanskrit, presidency college, Chennai - 5 with his team Sri Raghavendran M.A.,M.Phil., Sri Rajagadeesha Bhat, Sri Santhosh, and with the technical support of the famous music director sri manikkavinayakam. wish all Sai devotees to get the grace and blessings of shirdi sai and to lead a life of prosperity and peace!

Track Listing:

  • Sri Sai Gayathri
  • Sri Sai Nathasuprapatham
  • Sri Sai Nathamananam
  • Sri Sai Nathaashtothrams
  • Sri Sainatha Prarthana
  • Sri Sai Nathasapthsloki
  • Sri Sainatha Anushasanah
  • Sri Sai Sthothrams
  • Sri Sai Mangalashasanam
  • Sri Sai Namagosham


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