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Sri Saraswathi & Other Devi Stotras

Saraswathi is the goddess of learning. She is the bestower of the power of speech. An aspirant of knowledge must have her grace. Lusturous and as white as jasmine flower, She, clad in a white silken garment and seated in a White lotus, is considered to be worshipped at even by the divine Trinity. Engaged in playing a Lute made of ruby and uttering words soft and sweet, She is always contemplated upon to ward off the dullnenss of mind. Listening to a sincere prayer offered at her lotus feet ,bears fruits and grants wishes to all.

The recitation of these Stotras with clear diction and devotion has been rendered with a divine touch by the vocalist, Mrs. PremaRangarajan, who is well versed in Sanskrit also, with the support of Dr. R.Thiagarojan, M.A.,Phd.,Head of the Post graduate and Research Department of Sanskrit Presidency College, and Mr. Manikkovinayagam the famous Music Director. wishes all the listeners to derive the maximum grace of Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi.

Track Listing:

  • Sri Vigneshwara Dhyanam
  • Sri Durga Ashtothram
  • Sri Lakshmi Ashtothram
  • Saraswathi Sahasranamam
  • Sri Amba Navomanimola (Kalidasa)
  • Sri Saraswathi Mangala Stotram.
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