Sun Spirit Audio Title

Sun Spirit Association For Independent Music (AFIM) Award Winner

Ah! Life...

Here we are... What a mystery... What an incredible dance, to be, to live, to experience. Day and night, laughter and tears, dark and light.

The sun is the center of our solar system and permeates everything with its light. It is the essence of the highest consciousness and radiates out the inner light of knowing. This music is a celebration of the times when we know we are alive, when we feel and breathe the joy of being. When we are a sun ourselves, shining from within, radiating our own light. You are invited with this music to let your heart dance, your soul expand innocently, joyfully like children. Happiness does not need any reason. Real happiness is always here. It is always now. It knows no other time and no other space. This music may help to let our inner sun shine.

CD: $9.50
Cassette: $3.75

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