Tirupati Balaji Centuries of Faith Audio CD and cassettes Title

Tirupati Balaji Centuries
of Faith

The story goes that Lord Venkateshwara, an incarnation of Lord
Vishnu dared to take in a second wife despite being married to Shri
Mahalashmi. Shri Mahalshmi, angered and on the verge of leaving him,
asked the Lord for alimony. To pay her alimony, Lord Venkateshwara
had to borrow from the treasurer of the world, Kuber. Since that
time, Lord Venkateshwara is trying to repay his debt!

Towards his end, He struck a deal with his devotees: You give me
money to repay my debt and in exchange, I will help you by fullfilling
your wishes. Lord Venkateshwra, honest and sincere has stuck to his
part of the deal, and the devotees, full of faith and zeal, have
stuck to theirs. Alas, even after centuries of repayment of debt,
Lord Venkateshwara manages to pay only the interest. The principal
remains outstanding!

Another story says that Lord Venkateshwara was so taken in by the
beautiful seven hills of Seshachalam that he settled there to meditate.
Gradually he was transformed into stone and this is how he came to
preside in Tirupati.

Built in 12th century A.D., this temple was patronised
by the ruling dynasties of South India – Pallavas, Cholas, Pandayas
and the Vijaynagar dynasty.During the dark periods of foreign aggression,
Tirupati preserved our ancient artifacts ans scriptures from being
looted and destroyed. Moreover, the temple has also served as a famous
center of art & architechture, and continues to do so. Its immense
hold over people and thri faiths can be realised by the fact that
about 50,000 pilgrims visit its premises every day for a glipse of
Shri Balaji, Lord Venkateshwara’s other name.

For His devotees, his majestic idol is overpowering! His physical
characteristics are said to represent his protective instincts, compassionate
nature and inclination to grant boon.

This album tries to bring the blessings of Tirupati into your homes.
Now, each moment, you can feel Lord’s compassionate resence in your

Signature prayer: Pandit Jasraj

Track Listing:

  • Signature Tune
  • Shloka
  • Commentary In Hindi
  • Suprabhatham Stotram
  • Shri Vyankaltesh Stotram
  • Shri Vyankatesh Mangalashtak Stotram
  • Shri Govinashtakam Stotram

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