Fair Price Guarantee

Fair Price Guarantee

As a company that is present in this business for the last 10 years, we have developed a reputation of sourcing products at the lowest possible cost in the industry. This is done through various means, like, purchasing raw materials in bulk (our stock inventory is sufficient to last for over 2 years of round the clock manufacturing of most of the products), tying up with the largest manufacturers for our supplies and a constant monitoring on external cost factors, amongst other things. Besides, being, manufacturers & exporters and having our own in-house team of designers, artists and workers, we are able to pass on all the price advantages to the final buyer who maybe an individual purchaser or a bulk importer of our products. Most importantly due to this simplified structure we are successful in eliminating all types of middlemen, agents, etc. who add to the costs of our competitors and who in turn are forced to sell at higher prices.

As a part of a new initiative, we offer all our products with a unique FPG (Fair Price Guarantee) tag that always assures you to buy our products with an assertion that your purchase is made at the lowest end of the market price with an uncompromising backup of the seal of authenticity from our company.

Please Note: Fair Price Guarantee would be applicable on most products, unless specified at the time of the purchase. The FPG program may be withdrawn by the company as and when it desires, with no obligation whatsoever on any purchase, in past or in the future. The FPG program is available with an in-built limited liability clause and the terms and conditions attached to it will be complete and binding on each individual case. No claims of any nature would be entertained after this program ends and the company will inform through the website, if and when, any replacements to this program are made available.

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