Our Mantra

The idea behind this website and its subsequent commercial avatar was to
provide a universal platform for millions of Indians, both residing in India
and outside, and of course for people from all nationalities, religions,
etc. to come together and witness the colorful kaleidoscope of the rich heritage
of our primordial culture, value system, diversity and to re-discover Hinduism
in particular.

And all this took place way back in September 1999! In the last 9 years
our growth has been nothing short of explosive and we have successfully transformed
ourselves from being purely an informative site in the initial years to being
one of the largest online Hindu portals in the world.

With a product catalogue of more than 400 products we are shipping diverse
items ranging from distinctive hand-crafted Hindu Pooja items to global best-sellers
in the world of Hindu devotional music, children-specific audio books and
comics depicting our age-old Indian culture and Ayurvedic Herbal soaps amongst
many other product categories.

We firmly believe that with a growing number of people becoming more spiritually
awakened, a portal like ours is destined for far more success in the years
to come. We also believe that this journey of mundane life can be a lot more
electrifying provided you ascertain the spark ? most certainly deeply embedded
inside you. To sum up we herewith emphasize our mantra ?

Age is all but a milestone in the odyssey of life ? the real journey begins
when we look for hitherto unknown or rather, unexplored specks of our inner
enlightenment to dawn the role of a guiding compass for our further expedition.

Regd. Office :
20, Crush Hall, World Trade Centre,
Cuffe Parade, Mumbai – 400 005
Tel. : +91-022-2218 3284 / 2218 8851

E-mail: [email protected]

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