Vishnu Mantra


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Meaning :

O God, Thou art my father and mother

Also art thou my friend and brother.

The object of wealth and education,

In thee I see my hope and salvation.















The Essence
Of Gita

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Whatever happened, it happened for good.

What is happening, is also happening for good.

Whatever will happen, that too will be for good.

What have you lost for which you weep?

What did you bring with you, which you have lost?

What did you produce, which has perished?

You did not bring anything when you were born.

Whatever you have, you have received from Him (God).

Whatever you will give, you will give to Him.

You came empty handed and you will go the same way.

Whatever is yours today, it was somebody else’s yesterday

And it will be somebody else’s tomorrow.

The change is the law of universe.

May God Bless Us All.












Maha Mrutyunjaya




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Meaning :

Oh Master of the whole universe,

The three-eyed Lord Shiva,

We pray to you ,the lord who fills

Fragrance in the whole universe,

To free us not from death, but from the circle of life.












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O Lord Ganesha of large body, curved trunk, with the brilliance
of a

million suns, please make all my work free of all obstacles — always.

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