Asanas: Dandasana

  • This asana is a great relief to people suffering from arthritis, and rheumatism.
  • As the legs are extended forward there is no weight borne by the legs.
  • The joints are freer due to the expansion of the muscles.
  • The body gets good support from the extended legs, and the chest muscles near the armpit are also stretched as the hands are kept pressed on the floor to give support to the chest.
  • This asana is helpful to people suffering from asthmatic attacks
  • and breathlessness.


  1. Sit with legs stretched forward.
  2. Place the palms beside the body on the floor.
  3. The buttocks, bottom of the thighs, calf muscles and heels are kept in a straight line on the floor and the back, shoulder, neck and head are kept upright.
  4. Stretch the legs forward keeping them pressed on the floor, and flex the knuckles of the toes.
  5. Do not allow the back to bend. Pull in the abdomen slightly, and expand the chest.
  6. Remain in this pose for 30 seconds.

Time required : 35 seconds

Sum up: The legs do not bear any weight as one is sitting and stretching the legs and thus helping the knee and ankle muscles to stretch and expand. People suffering from asthma or spinal ailments may be able to do this asana by giving support to the torso against the wall.

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