Devi Maa Ki Aartiyan Audio Titles

This album is a collection of the most potent Aarti’s paying homage
to Goddess’s Amba, Kaali, Saraswati, Lakshmi, Santoshi Mata & Vaishno
Devi , rendered in the stunning voice of Usha Mangeshkar. On the
occasion of Navratri, these goddess’s are invoked to obtain their
blessings to surmount obstacles, bestow peace and gain knowledge.
Through this album we propitiate Shakti, the Goddess in Her aspect
as Power, to bestow upon man all wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity,
knowledge and all other potent powers

Track Listing:

  • Shree Ganesh Aarti
  • Aarti Shree Ambaji
  • Aarti Shree Kaaliji
  • Aarti Shree Saraswati Ji
  • Aarti Shree Laxmiji
  • Aarti Shree Santoshi Mata
  • Aarti Shree Vaishno Devi
  • Aarti Shree Gayatriji

Singer: Usha Mangeshkar

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