Jagdambe Maa Audio Titles

The album is a collection of bhajans in praise of the divine mother.
The eternal mother ‘Jagdamba’ removes all hurdles and obstacles from
our life, blessing us with peace, joy and eternal knowledge of existence.
It has been sung by one of the followers of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi,
Mr. Sanjay Talwar. Nirmala Devi is endorsing the album.

Track Listing :

  • Jagdamba Maa – The Aawahan
  • Mum Mata Bhagwati – The Invocation
  • Harpal Vicharron Mein – The Praise
  • Tum Baithi Raho Chitwan Mein – The Prayer
  • Prem Pagi – The Arrival
  • Apne Hridye Ke – The Acknowledgement
  • Humre Jivan Mein – The Rejoicing
  • Jab Hriday Mein Basey – The Blessing

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