Shree Hanuman Katha Audio Titles

Through this exquisite album, we pay a loving tribute to Shree Hanuman,
who is the symbol of sanctity, selfless service and devotion. This
album is composed, designed and conceptualized by Pakhawaj Maestro
– Pandit Bhawani Shankar. This unique album features some of the
most powerful Mantras like the world famous Hanuman Chaalisa, Sankat
Mochan, Bajrang Baan, Hanuman Dhyaan Siddhi Mantra, the rarely heard
Hanuman Janmotsav Geet, Veer Hanuman and others which enable devotees
to overcome all obstacles and achieve prosperity and happiness in
their daily lives.

Shree Hanuman of course is believed to have received a boon from
Shri Ram to become immortal for His sheer acts of worship and it
is said that Shri Hanuman is always at an arm’s length for anyone
who seeks Him with the truest faith and sincere belief. These powerful
and potent mantras are interspersed with lucid commentary explaining
the tales of valor and wisdom of the mighty Shree Hanuman. Excellently
sung in the resounding voices of Ravindra Sathe, Prem Kumar Verma
and Pandit Bhawani Shankar, this album contains some of the most
powerful and evocatively effective prayers rendered in praise of
Shree Hanuman. Indeed this brilliant album is surely a must-have
for all the true devotees of the Great Devotee of Shri Ram.

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