Sudarshan Mantra & Mahalakshmi Mantra Audio Titles

Mantras are the mystical formulae of sound or tune and their repetition
has a primary and a greater value than the actual meaning of the
ideas in them. They are discovered by our ancient scientists (Rishis)
to invoke powers from the infinite cosmic energy for the welfare
of humans to enjoy a pleasant and peaceful stay on this earth.

Sudarsana Mantra, is held high for its unfailing efficacy. It summons
the weapon Discus (the defence against all inimical forces), supposed
to have been presented by Visvakarma to Mahavishnu. later on, when
the lord incarnated as Krishna, it descended from the orbit of the
Sun as a present from the God Agni and the Lord is said to have wielded
this weapon against Indra and also on other occasions in order to
extirpate the demonic forces “Om Sahnsrara Hum Phat”. This short
and a very powerful mantra of six syllables, seeks the power from
sudarsana which guarantees protection to those who pronounce it,
or hear it and meditate upon it. Hearing of the repetition of this
mystical and sacred Mantra drives away the evil inimical forces or
obstacles of any kind and bestows good health, prosperity, success
in life, wisdom and at last the divine beatitude Goddess Mahalakshmi
is the bestower of mega luck and riches, Her Mantra is “om srim hrim
srim kamole kamalolaye prasida prasida, sakala saubhagyam dehi om
srim hrim om Mohalakshmyoi namah”. The meditation and recitation
of this powerful Mantra, removes poverty, destroys enemies, bestows
happiness, fulfills all ambitions, and gives success in all endeavours.

This Compact Disc contains the divine vibration of these Mantras
rendered in scientific tunes by the popular singer Sri Unnikrishnan,
guided by Dr. R. Thiagarajan.M.A.Ph.D., the Head of the Postgraduate
and Research Dept of Sanskrit, Presidency College, Chennai. The famous
music director Dhina, scores the credit for musical feat.

Track Listing:

  • Sudarshan Mantra
  • Mahalakshmi Mantra

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