Sri Lalita Upasana CD Audio Titles

Sri Lalita Upasana

Lalita is the central goddess to the Sri Vidya tradition. Lalita
has 15 attendants, the Nitya Devis.

According to Hinduism it is believed that the daily recitation
or listening of Sree Lalita Sahasranama is extremely beneficial for
tranquil and peaceful family life and for a prosperous existence.
It is also believed to be of assistance in removal (and prevention)
of illness and disease for children and other family members.

We worship and meditate Mother Lalita in the form of recital of
Her Aarti that bestows immense benefits to Her devotees. Goddess
Lalita who is also referred to as ?Tripurasundari’, ?Anandamayi’
is the protector and guardian of the entire world. It is our humble
prayer that the Mother accepts our modest devotion and blesses us
for a harmonious and peaceful co-existence.

Track Listing:

  • Sri Lalita Gayatri
  • Sri Guru Paduka Panchakastavam
  • Sri Devi Kadakamala Namavalli
  • Sri Paduka Pancharatnatavam
  • Sri Lalita Prathasmaranam
  • Sri Lalita Trisathi Namavali
  • Sri Lalita Shama Prarthana

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