Universal Mantras of Hinduism

Peace Mantra

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Om! May all become auspicious;
May all attain peace;
May all achieve perfection;
May all be blessed;


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The chanting of God?s name is the best preventive medicine

One can obtain to keep all physical and mental troubles away.

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Meaning :
Help us to know your infinite glory.

O Lord, creator of earth and space.

Illumine our souls with any divinity.

Fill us with virtue, wisdom and grace.

The Gayatri mantra is said to be one of the oldest of the divine
hymns. It is referred to as the mother of the Vedas. Gayatri mantra has
a compelling charm of its own to millions of Hindu hearts. The repetition
of this mantra with the right understanding of its sacred meaning is believed
widely to have the power to dispel all the negative tendencies in the human
mind and thereby unfold the supreme Self within


The Gayatri mantra is chanted bth at dawn and dusk facing the sun.
The devotee carrier a little water in his folded palm and at the end of
each chant of the mantra he offers the water to the sun. As the water is
offered the devotee says “Asavadityow Brahma” which means “This sun is
Brahman (God)” While saying so he performs the ” Atma prakashina”
by turning himself round from his right side. The Gayatri mantra is chanted
generally a minimum of ten times during each samdhya but one could chant
more according to one’s personal capacity.

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Meaning :

Goddess Lakshmi lies in the front part of the hand,

Goddess Saraswati lies in the middle part of the hand,

And Lord Brahma in the lower part of the hand.

So, one should see his/her own hands in the morning after getting up.

This Mantra symbolysis the good omen with which one should start his/her

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