Tales Of Sri Krishna

Tales Of Sri Krishna
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Languages: English / Hindi

Krishna’s life, his beauty and his virtues are the basis of a great mystical voyage.

Though supremely powerful, he is carefree, full of love and charm.

These enchanting stories follow the youthfull Krishna through his many pastimes. From dancing on the head of serpent Kaliya to sheltering the cowheards from Indra’s wrathful rain.

Chapters included in this Multimedia Title are:

  • Chapter 1: Birth of Krishna
  • Chapter 2: Encountering Putana
  • Chapter 3: Encountering Trinavarta
  • Chapter 4: Krishna shows 7 worlds
  • Chapter 5: The Butter Thief
  • Chapter 6: Conquers Kaliya
  • Chapter 7: The Shelter of Krishna

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