Ram Dhun Ram Audio Titles

All over the world, the devotees of Bhagwan Shree Ram evoke his
blessings with this simple chant: Ram Ram Jai Ram, Ram Ram Jai Sita

Elevating one to a higher reality, it is the simplest way to feel
closer to the Supreme Manifestations of the Divine Ideal. The Dhun
is a melodious rendition of this chant that praises Lord Ram, the
epitome of all virtues.


  • Lead Vocalist: Rattan Mohan Sharma
  • Veena: Narayan Mani
  • Flute: Ramesh Chaurasia
  • Sitar: Niladri Kumar
  • Mrindangam: Sridhar Partasarathi
  • Keyboards: Ajay
  • Percussions: Deepak Borkar
  • Vibraphone: Rajesh Dev

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