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Glory, glory, all glory to you, O Mother Sarasvati ; you are renowned throughout the three spheres as the treasure house of all great noble virtues. Let all sing to the glory of yourname !
O infinitely radiant Goddess, you are beautiful and bright as the moon and are seated in lotus posture ; you are lustrous in appearance and source of all blessings ; your vehicle, the auspicious swan, looks elegant .
In your left hand, O Mother Sarasvati, is the lute and in the right a wreath ; on your head lies a splendid coronet of gems and around your neck a string of pearls .
O Goddess, whosoever sought refuge in you was released 
from the cycle of birth and death. By perverting the mind of Keikeyi�s dull-witted, handmaid, Manthara, you became 
instrumental in the destruction of Ravana.
O bestower of learning and skill, illumine the world with light of knowledge and dispel the darkness of ignorance and infatuation .
O Mother, pray accept my gift of incense, light, both green and dry fruits, endowing the world with eyes of knowledge ferry it across the ocean of this phenomenal world.
Whosoever sings this hymn to Mother Saraswati, becomes a recipient of knowledge and devotion, both of which are beneficial and yield great happiness . 

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