Jyotirling CD Audio Titles

Centuries ago, Lord Shiva is said to have
revealed himself to his true devotees in the form of a Jyoti or light.
On their request to reside by them for an eternity, he installed himself
near them, as Linga. Thus amongst the several lingas in the world,
we have 12 which are called the Jyotilinga, many have described
these Jyotilinga as the divine light that emerged from the earth at
the onset of creation of mankind, while others see it as a golden egg,
as bright as a thousand suns. The places where these are located are
today considered to be pilgrim centers, a reference of which can be
found in the Shiv Purana.

This album is composed by:

  • Pandit Jasraj
  • Udit Narayan
  • Shankar Mahadevan
  • Suresh Wadkar
  • Vinod Rathod

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