The Holy Trinity – Brahma-Vishnu-Mahesh Audio Titles

Lord Brahma is the first member of the Brahmanical triad, Vishnu being
the second and Shiva, the third. Brahma is the god of creation and
he is traditionally accepted as the Creator of the entire universe.

One of the earliest iconographic descriptions of Brahma is that
of the four-faced god seated on a lotus. The Lord has in his four
hands a water-pot (kamandalu), a manuscript (Vedas), a sacrificial
implement (sruva) and a rosary (mala). He wears the hide of a black
antelope and his vehicle is a swan {hamsa).

Vishnu, major god of Hinduism and Indian mythology, popularly regarded
as the preserver of the universe. In the ancient body of literature
called the Veda, the sacred literature of the Aryan invaders, Vishnu
ranks with the numerous lesser gods and is usually associated with
the major Vedic god Indra in battles against demonic forces.

In the epics and Puranas-writings belonging to subsequent periods
in the development of Hinduism-Vishnu (especially in his incarnations)
becomes prominent. Some Puranic literature refers to him as the eternal,
all-pervading spirit and associates him with the primeval waters
believed to have been omnipresent before the creation of the world.
So regarded, Vishnu is depicted frequently in human form, sleeping
on the great serpent Shesha and floating on the waters.

Shiva is one of the gods of the Trinity. He is said to be the god of
destruction. The other two gods are Brahma, the god of creation and
Vishnu, the god of maintenance. The three gods represent the three
fundamental powers of nature which are manifest in the world viz. creation,
destruction and maintenance. These powers exist perpetually. Creation
is going on all the time. So is destruction and maintenance.

All three powers are manifest at all times. They are inseparable.
Creation and destruction are like two sides of a coin. And maintenance
is an integral part of the processes of creation and destruction.
For example, morning dies to give birth to noon. Noon dies when night
is born. In this chain of birth and death the day is maintained.
To indicate that these three processes are one and the same the three
gods are combined in one form of Lord Dattatreya. Lord Dattatreya
has the faces of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Track Listing:

  • Commentary
  • Pratah Smaran
  • Bhrahma Gayatri / Jap
  • Brahma Stotra
  • Brahma Stuti
  • Vishnu Gayatri / Jap
  • Om Namo Bhagvate
  • Achchyutam
  • Vishnu Mangal Geet
  • Shankar Gayatri / Jap
  • Daridrya Dahan
  • Shivraksha
  • Shiv Panhchakshar
  • Aarti


  • Sanjeev Abhayankar
  • Ravindra Sathe
  • Rattan Mohan Sharma

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