Aura of Tranquility Audio CD

Aura of Tranquility

A musical fragrance as lingering and gentle as flower petals flowing with the breeze is the best way to describe this wonderfully rejuvenating music contained in this album.

This album is follow up to our best selling album Aura of Positivity, Aura of Tranquility is a mix of instrumental music and soothing shlokas that concentrates on creating an environment apt for de-stressing and refreshing.


  • Ronu Majumdar
  • Satish Vyas
  • Rattan Mohan Sharma
  • Sanjeev Abhyankar
  • Niladri Kumar

Track Listing:

  • Shankhnad
  • Vakratunda Mahakaya
  • Dawn at the Temple
  • Tulsi Mantra
  • Om Sah Na Vavatu
  • Moksh
  • Om Purna Midam
  • Dhun
  • Vishwa Shanti Yachana
  • Shantipaath
  • Om Dhyaan

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