Shree Gajendra Moksha Stotra

Shree Gajendra Moksha Stotra

Source: Sri Bhagwat Puraan, 8th Canto-3rd Chapter

The story is not just a story of an elephant and a crocodile; it is about the man, his ego and his selfishness. The man (the elephant- symbol) is surrounded by so many illusions ” Maya” that he becomes egoistic. For him, nothing is stringer than himself. But when any problem or the dark image of his works (symbol – crocodile) comes face to face, only then he learns about his true position which is no less than hollow and fake one. This is the time he regrets and surrenders himself to the Almighty.

The great book ” Bhagwat Puraan” says that who so ever will chant or listen to the Gajendra Moksha regularly, to him success and fame will come naturally without him falling into the trap of Ego and worldly attachments. And he’ll not have bad dreams or suffer from nightmares. The often-told stories of ancient past are not just source of entertainment to us but are symbolic of many things and indirectly guide to the road of salvation “MOKSHA”.

Gajendra Moksha is also based on one such story. Gajendra, chief of elephants, was once enjoying himself while bathing in a lake in the company of his large family. He was so engrossed in his enjoyment that he couldn’t notice a crocodile approaching; the crocodile caught hold of his foot and tried to get him down. Thus the battle between the two strong animals started. But crocodile being an aquatic animal was more powerful in water thus was able to pull the elephant more. Gajendra unable to release his foot from the strong grip of the crocodile prayed to the Almighty. His prayer was immediately answered and he was rescued, was prided “Moksha” from the clutches of crocodile.

Track listing:

  • Shloka
  • Shri Gajendra Moksh Stotra
  • Deen Dayal (Bhajan)
  • Meri Naiya (Bhajan)
  • Hari Bol (Sankirtan)

Vocals – Shri Venu Gopal Goswamiji

Music – Kedar Pandit

CD: $5.95
Cassette: $2.35

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