Holy Ganga CD

The Holy Ganga

Ganga Ma (Mother) – the most pious and sacrosanct river is revered as a
Goddess by Hindus in India whose purity cleanses the sins of the faithful
and aids the dead on their path towards heaven. Mantras, shlokas and prayers
to obtain her blessing are integral to religious Hindus and hence the
important of this unique and rare album, which also has verses composed by
Shankaracharya for Mother Ganga.


Anuradha Paudwal & Sanjeev Abhyankar

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According to Hinduism and ancient Vedas Ganga is considered to be the epitome of sanctity and purity and is revered as the most sacred and holiest river of India. The ?birth? or the descent of Ganga on this earth is in fact the most well known narration of Vedanta and Hinduism. It is believed that the flow of Ganga cleanses and purifies the body and soul alike and hence the river is worshipped as a Goddess since time immemorial.

For the very first time there has been a unique presentation in a devotional album of this unusual deity and river ? Ganga and it has a deservingly spellbinding effect on the listeners. With resounding, mystical chanting and spiritual ?kirtan? that has a continuous singing of the Ganga Dhun, this album elevates the listener to a higher and never before attained plane of magical nirvana that one hopes will persist till eternity. A must buy piece of spiritual Vedic Chants that one experiences for the first time but yearns for more.

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