Griha Raksha Mantras CD

Griha Raksha Mantras

According to Hindu Vedas the secret of converting your house into a home is very simple one and can be undertaken with the blessings of the Omnipresent God along with the various emblematic deities of our home. The supreme and invincible combination of worship toward a slew of deities like Ganesha, Vaastu, Gauri and others along with the authentic procedure of the recitation of Mantras and Chants will ensure all-round happiness and prosperity in our homes.

This devotional album contains the famous Mangalacharan – Ganesh Poojan, Gauri Poojan, Graha Smaranam, Vaastupurush Naman, Kshetrapal Avahan, Dash Dikpal Poojan, Naag Stuti, Maruti Stotram, Annapoorna Kavach, Sudarshan Kavach, Sudarshan Narsimha Gayatri and finally culminating with the Vedic Shantipath. It is said that a daily recitation and listening of these mystical and Vedic Mantras will convert all the ‘negative’ vibrations in the house into ‘positive’ waves or aura that defines the tranquility and serenity of this world and will help us in leading a happy, prosperous and a peaceful life in our homes.

Track Listing:

  • Commentary
  • Mangalacharan – Ganesh Poojan
  • Gauri Poojan
  • Graha Smaranam
  • Vaastupurush Naman
  • Kshetrapal Avahan
  • Dash Dikpal Poojan
  • Naag Stuti
  • Commentary
  • Maruti
  • Commentary on Annapoorna Kavach
  • Annapoorna Kavach
  • Commentary on Sudarshan Kavach
  • Sudarshan Kavach
  • Commentary on Shantipath
  • Shantipath

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