Karya Siddhi CD

Karya Siddhi

Karya Siddhi are 12 stand alone albums based on lunar signs (rashis).

Although technology has made life a lot easier, man still struggles to fulfill his aspirations, to earn sufficient wealth and free himself from debts & misery. He looks for divine protection to shield him from evil effects of the malefic planets transiting his ?raashi?. But really, is man
capable of combating the challenges thrown up by life and by malefic planets? This is where he sorely needs heavenly succor and power.

This presentation brings you this very fount of divine power and energy, revered through the ages. May its divinity be an armor against problems and miseries for everyone.

ALL 12 Volumes: 10% Discount
CDs: $57.00
Cassettes: $22.00


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