Morning Mantras Mantras To Start Your Day

Morning Mantras Mantras To Start Your Day

This is a path-breaking album that encompasses the entire range of Mantras and Shlokas that are recited for an auspicious commencement of our day that leads to prosperity and harmony in our lives. It is traditionally believed by Hindus that a daily recitation of these Morning Mantras during the auspicious period of ?Brahma-Muhurat? gives one immense benefit leading to greater spiritual fulfillment. These early morning hours (between 4 A.M. to 6 A.M.) are the time when Satwa dominates. This part of the day is full of goodness and when the mind is in its purest form. As the day progresses, the guna of Rajas becomes prominent. Energy levels are the highest, and the mind is full of enthusiasm and excitement. Tamas predominates the evenings and late nights where the darkness, impurities and weaknesses of the mind are easily brought forth.

This album contains authentic traditional Vedic Mantras that have been carefully selected that will bestow us with the utmost benefit. Here is list of these special Morning Mantras:

  • Nivedan
  • Kar Darshanam
  • Bhumi Prarthana
  • Prataha Smaranam
  • Snanh Mantra
  • Tilak Mantra
  • Pranayaam Mantra
  • Surya Namaskar
  • Suryardhya Mantra
  • Surya Prarthna
  • Guru Smaranam
  • Gayatri Mantra
  • Karyasidhdhi Hetu Pratah Smaranam
  • Parbrahamanha Smaranam
  • Ganeshasya Smaranam
  • Chandi Smaranam
  • Vishno Smaranam
  • Ramasya Smaranam
  • Shivasya Smaranam
  • Navgraha Prarthna
  • Prakrati Prarthna
  • Mangal Kamna
  • Hari Om

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