Music To Overcome Fear & Anxiety

Music To Overcome Fear & Anxiety

People undergoing surgery often experience in anticipation of events that will be unfamiliar, uncomfortable or may produce undesirable results. Even minor surgical procedures can produce anxiety in patients, which can affect theit post operative recovery and risk for physiological complications. Music is an easily administered, non-threatening, non-invasive and almost inexpensive tool to calm preoperative anxiety.

The music given in this album helps to overcome or brush aside the fear or anxiety either related to surgery ot even otherwise and makes the patients to take things positively. The selected notes in these ragas helps to attain the required state of calm of mind at the earliest.

This research has been carried out by Dr. T. Mythily, Ph.D, a research scholar, a clinical psychologist and Music Therapist. She is Director of Music Therapy Department, Apollo Hospital, Chennai. INDIA


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