Music for Yoga – Gayathri [Veena]

Surrender to Waking up relaxed Life
Force, The Third Eye, Awakening, Highest Chakra, Energize, Ocean
of Meditation, Twilight Magic, The Journey Home and Shanti Peace.
Benefits Of Music Therapy: 1. Music acts on our mind before being
transformed into thought and feeling. 2. Music influences the lower
and higher cerebral centers of the brain. 3. Use of Music as a therapy
helps search of an individual’s personal harmony.
4. Music therapy is an important tool in the treatment of both psychological
and psychosomatic disorders. 5. Music Therapy stimulates good vibrations
in the nerves of the listeners. 6. Music brings about a sense of
mental well being in individuals. 7. Music Therapy helps to clear
the junked thought in mind, which leads to have positive frame of
mind. 8. Music Therapy enhances the concentration level of children.
9. Music improves the capacity of planning. 10. Music training helps
to express refined exhibition of emotions and clarity in cognition
CDSA 158

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