Saturn Shani: The Ruler Of Destinies

Saturn / Shani- The Ruler Of

Guided by the laws of karma, our actions create consequences. If we perform good deeds, we reap pious benefits. If we perform ill deeds, we reap our just returns. According to our sacred Hindu scriptures, Shani Dev, represented by the ringed planet Saturn, keeps the account of our deeds. He keeps an eye on our deeds and accordingly showers on us reward or wrath.

In this album, we present a collection of remedial mantras that invoke Saturn thus controlling the shower of his negative power on us. Sung by Shankar Mahadevan, these mantras are believed to protect us from the malign powers of Saturn, thus enhancing inner rebirth and spiritual growth.

Control the ruler of destinies!

Track Listing:

  • Signature Shlok
  • Commentary
  • Vaidokta Shani Mantra & Shani Gayatri
  • Shani Beej Mantra
  • Shani Namavali
  • Shaneschar Stotram
  • Puranokta Mantra & Jai Shani
  • Shani Dukha Bhanjana
  • Shani Chalisa
  • Shani Aarti


  • Shankar Mahadevan

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