Shanti Mantra CD

Shanti Mantra

Every individual desires peace. This peace can be enshrined in every living soul through spiritual nourishment. When an individual had experienced inner peace, he accomplishes extraordinary things very easily, since there is no attachment, possession or insecurity only the low of pure love and clear intentions.

Rendered by the powerful Uma Mohan, these healing sacred mantras induce a restful, altered state of consciousness, enabling the mind to automatically move into the Prajna and Thaijasa modes, cofering the person with supreme intelligence, peace and bliss.

Track Listing:

  • Om Sah Naa Vavatu
  • Om Shamno Mitra
  • Om Namo Brahmane
  • Om Namo Vache
  • Eko Devaha
  • Om Asto
  • Om
  • Om Yeschanhasanrashbho
  • Om Poornamidah
  • Om Sam Twam


  • Uma Mohan

CD: $9.50

Cassette: $2.75

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