Sounds Of Harmony

Sounds Of Harmony For Mind, Body & Soul

These magnificient mystical mantras of Rishi Bharat aim at making man free to be able to blend with creation and move in a synchronised rhythm with nature. Bharat – itself means blissful union with the resplendent brilliance of the supreme light which also denotes Enlightenment. All Vedic works point towards this ultimate direction of freedom and harmonious flow ith the divine plan. When we are spiritually enriched, our mind, body and soul fall into this pattern of doundless bliss.

The mantras in this album are extremely effective and are believed to be a proven remedy for bodily diseases. The vibrations of the Vedic Chants set right all the functions on a cellular level – Harmonizing food, body & creation.


  • Uma Mohan

Track Listing:

  • Dhanvantri Dhyan
  • Prarthana
  • Roga Nivarak Sukta
  • Shatangayur
  • Mrityunjaya Ghanapaath
  • Mrityunjaya Homa Mantra
  • Aayushya Sukta
  • Agnir Aayushmaan Mantra
  • Viraja Mantra
  • Sadachara Pradarshan

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