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Vedic Chanting

Vedic hymns are chanted as part of sacred ceremonies in India. The values they contain are eternal and timeless. They are as relevant today as they were thousands of years ago when they came into being.

Vedic philosophies can help us cope successfully with the pulls and pressures of modern life and serve as on
antidote to despair.

The orthodox method of learning them is from a qualified teacher. However, just listening to them can be
uplifting to the soul. It is believed that they can help word off negative thoughts and lead to atonement
and purity a( mind. This in turn leads to peace of mind and prosperity.

Just listening to this Compact Disc with the sonorous chant of six voices in unison, with the cadences that have been handed down over millennia, con calm and energize us at once!

Track Listing:

  • Guru Dhyanam
  • Subramanya Dhyanam
  • Sloka Ghanam
  • Natchatra Ashtavakyani
  • Pancha Shanti
  • Ghosha Shanti
  • Mrithu Suktam
  • Navagraha Mantraha
  • Mantra Pushpam
  • Swethaarka Ganapathi Mantram
  • Aasirvatha Mantram


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