Folk Tales: The Adventures of Baddu and Chhotu

Children love to hear stories, so do adults, if the story has relevance to their lives. It is this love which has kept alive for generations stories that have been handed down by an oral tradition.Every time a story is retold it acquires a new colour and a new dimension. The grandmother who heard a story as a little girl from her grandmother will relish telling it to her grandchildren. A traveller from a distant land, who happens to hear a story during his journey, will later tell it to his own people, modifying it or adding to it little details to suit the change of place and context. This is how stories travel from one part of the world to another and why some stories of Aesop and Vishnu Sharma who wrote the Panchatantra, have much in common. This Amar Chitra Katha retells one of the most popular folktales of Bengal.

Script : Luis M. Fernandes and Rupa Gupta
Illustrator :Souren Roy
ISBN : 81-7508-147-3

Code: 651

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