Deities: Guru Nanak

Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, was born in a critical period of Indian history. On the one hand, the people were divided into castes, sects and factions; on the other, the Muslim rulers perpetrated atrocities on the Hindus and the weaker sections of society. The masses in their hardships and miseries cried for a saviour. Nanak came as God’s messenger in the common man’s hour of dire need.It was a period of transition from medievalism to modernism. Men of action and men of thought explored the world of matter and spirit.

Guru Nanak revealed the secret of man’s spiritual potentiality. At the same time, he accepted the struggles and hardships of life and pioneered a movement of reform in social and religious conduct. The means by which he reformed the dregs of society were argument, conviction and personal example. His followers, called ‘Sikhs’, formed a group of God-fearing men and women devoted to the service of the people. He laid down simple rules of conduct through which man could lead a humane and meaningful life and find his own fulfilment. He was revered alike by Hindus and Muslims. His life is an inspiring example of the practice of truth, love and humility.

Script : G.S. Mansukhani and Naniki Mansukhani
Illustrator :Devender
ISBN : 81-7508-153-8

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