The Churning of The Ocean

The story of how the Devas procured the divine nectar and became immortal after drinking it, is interesting as well as dramatic.It was the ocean of milk which was churned. The great mountain Mandara was the staff used for churning; the serpent Vasuki was the cord. Lord Vishny assumed the form of the tortoise and served as a pivot for Mandara, as it was whirled around. This popular tale with minor variations is found in the Puranas as well as in the two epics.

There is some difference, however, regarding the number of the articles which appeared from the ocean of milk. The Ramayana, the Mahabharata and the Padma Purana specifiy the number as nine; the the Bhagvata specifies it as ten, the Vayu Purana as twelve and the Matsya Purana as fourteen. Similarly, there are slight differences regarding the role of the asura, Rahu. Our version is derived mainly from the Bhagwat Purana and the Mahabharata.

Script : Toni Patel
Illustrator :Dilip Kadam
ISBN : 81-7508-192-9

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