Poets & Saints: Kalidasa

Kalidasa, the greatest poet of classical Sanskrit, is known only through his writings. His works tell us that he was probably a Brahmin and a devotee of Shiva. Apart from this, there are no clues to his personal life. Even the names of his parents are not known, nor his place of birth. The mystery surrounding him has given rise to incredible legends about him which are current even today. Our script is based on one of these legends.Kalidasa is the author of several great Sanskrit poetical works (or Mahakavyas) and plays for which is justly famous – Raghuvamsha, Kumarasambhava, Meghaduta, Ritusamhara, Abhijana Shakuntala, Vikramorvashiya and Malavika-Agnimitra.

These reveal that Kalidasa was a lover of nature and his descriptions suggest that he must have travelled widely. His poetry has the freshness and beauty of a mountains stream. He portrays women with tenderness. He exhibits a special love for Ujjayini in his writings and he probably knew it well.Scholars are agreed that though all Kalidasa’s works have the stamp of genius, his play Abhijana Shakuntala must be rated as his greatest work. Kalidasa today is regarded as one of the immortals of world literature taking his place beside Shakespeare and Goethe.

Script : Yagya Sharma
Illustrator :Dilip Kadam
ISBN : 81-7508-274-7

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