Aquarian's are soft-spoken, courteous, kind and tranquil people who enjoy defying public opinion. They are alert, inquisitive people who respect individuality and give frank opinions. They love freedom and can be funny, perverse, original, conceited & independent while being diplomatic, gentle, sympathetic and timid. They always feel that old customs and traditions are wrong and people need a violent and revolutionary change but they would rather leave the violence to others. They are a mixture of cold, practicality & eccentric instability and full of surprises.

They never let anyone know what they are up to but seek to probe others from top to bottom and cannot rest until they scan the person for their fallacies, distortions & illogical assumptions. They despise lying and cheating and avoid borrowing and lending. They keep their word & expect others to do the same. Their ideals include equality, brotherhood, love for all, live & let live, seek the truth, experiment & retire to meditate. Though being a genius, they are natural rebels having sharp perceptions and living more in the future than in the present. They have a high psychic recognition, an extra sensory perception and even during a complicated discussion, can pick up things carried on behind their backs, if they want to.

Star Sign Rings enhance their concentration levels and help them be more on earth than wander beyond. They remove pessimism and turn them into optimists to a certain extent. They also improve the confidence levels of Aquarian's and give them the much desired speed in their lives to make swifter decisions. It removes their absent mindedness and makes them aware of the present thereby enabling them to take the right action at the right time.