The Sacred ‘Gayatri’ Mantra

The Sacred ‘Gayatri’ Mantra

Next to OM the most sacred mantra found in the Vedasis the Gayatri mantra. This mantra is also known as Gum Mantra or Savitri Mantra. The mention of Gayatri Mantra is found in all the four Vedas where its essence has been explained repeatedly. The Rig Veda, the oldest of the Vedic scriptures, has mentioned about this mantra in the third chapter or Mandala. In Sama Veda this mantra has occurred thrice. In Yajur Veda Gayatri Mantra is mentioned thrice. Such is the importance of Gayatri Mantra. This mantra is also referred to as the Mother of Vedas. Moreover this mantra is also termed as secret gum mantra by which the Guru initiates his disciple to the world of Hindu theology. Thereafter the disciple sports a sacred thread or Janau or Poitye and is known as twice-born or Brahmin. The Mantra goes:

0m Bhurbu-bsya!
Tatsavetuvarenya Bharga Devasya Dhimahi
Dhiyoonah Prochodayat 0m!

The basic significance of this Gayatri verse is worshipping the Sun God-the saviour of all and symbol of eternal peace. Let us become worthy of the creator and to follow him destroying pain of the world and join him in the eternal bliss. God may bless us and our intellect develops and our inspirations sustain. It is said that these 24 letters are the secret string of the inner SELF. If one pronounces it verbally or does the Japa mentally an eternal vibration is produced which paves the path of eternal bliss of Brahma. It sharpens the mental and creative ability and enables concentration. This Gayatri mantra has magical power and by its pronunciation the spiritual bell rings on to enjoin life with Param Brahma (Supreme Soul).

This mantra is prescribed for Brahmins only. This Vedic mantra is mainly meant to enjoin the devout’s heart and by means of inspiration perfect intellect and one can transcend to his innermost crust of heart where the Lord resides. Thus-this Gayatri Mantra facilitates the devout to reach out to Brahman-the creator, and submerge himself in tlie eternal Supreme-self, the Param Atma.

Gayatri Mantra is also called Sabita Mantra. Acharya Maharashi Dayanand explains that Sabita means the creator. And one who creates and sustains the world is the supreme soul. The Param Atman Sabita Deva is the self who can usher in emancipation from the painofdeath and birth or punarjanma.

Thus, in short, the Gayatri Stuti or mantra is destined to make a devours life free of pains, enhances intellect by its meaning and sounds vibration within. It also inspires the soul to become a part of the supreme being to achieve salvation.

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