Tales Of Wisdom – Lord The Creator

The Supreme Truth, the Paramatman, when It expresses through the Total Desires in all living creatures, there manifests’ Mighty Benevolent Power of Love called God?-Eshwara. When God becomes anxious to fulfill all those desires of the creatures. He expresses as the Creator, the Womb-of Things? “Hiranyagarbha”. Then the Creator Himself becomes the objects-of fulfillment of all desires of all creatures, and He is then perceived as the World? “Jagath”.

When Eswara, as Creator, had expressed Himself in the form of the “World,” He projected out, in Time and Space, the Creatures. They experienced, therein, each his own joys and sorrows, successes and failures.

That afternoon, in the very beginning of the history of the world, a very important and interesting scene took place in the beautiful courtyard of the Creator. This was witnessed by the youngest of the Creator’s
sons? Narada. Through Narada-the world came to know the thoughtless stupidity of our first forefather!

“In the Great Assembly of my Father I entered late one afternoon,” started Narada. ‘The Grand Sire was very busy determining the maximum life-span to be given to each of the different species. With floods of gushing love, the Great-Patriarch–the father-of-
All?was red all over. The flush of joy danced, through the thrills of a reckless satisfaction, inherent in all extravagant gush of love.”

He, in his boundless compassion and equal love for all, said, “I think thirty years of a life-span should he given to all of you. Those who are happy with it can now go to the world and enjoy.” There was a tremendous Hallelujah raised by the satisfied creatures, and all of them moved away some flew, some crawled, some hopped, some ran, some fluttered… a million varieties. The procession started, noisy, joyous, thick on the ground, thick in the air hosts in the sky.” Narada paused.

Suddenly Narada, said, ?Walt a minute. You were not among them!” “When all of them had left the Park and the Courtyard of my Father’s Palace High,” continued Narada, “four representatives’ four species were waiting there, lingering as though with their humble petitions. My Father saw them, smiled in benevolent love, and in an affectionate tone said, ?Dear Donkey, you don’t want thirty years. Why?? “Sir. There is nothing you know not. I have to carry loads all day, without proper rest, or sleep, or food, and even while carrying faithfully the load, if we carry on the roadside for a mouthful of grass, or a gulp of water, we will get the beatings from behind thus, how long can we live? Thirty years is too long! Be gracious. Oh Lord. Be kind to us.”

My Father immediately commented, “True! Yours is going to be a life of burden and you will know no rest. So I take 12 years off. You shall live in the world for maximum period of 18 years.” Very happily, braying long and loud, the Donkey kicked its long hind legs into the air and ran away to catch up with the crowd.

“Now my Father looked around, and he saw a healthy Bull-dog looking up to Him, expressing all its natural love and faithfulnessness through its bright eyes. Again my father asked, “Why, are you also not satisfied with the thirty years span of life?”

The dog said, “Sir, you are omniscient, there is nothing unknown to you. The very name of me shows that I am the very opposite of G-O-D, as I am but a D-O-G. As I am young and vigilant, so long as I can bark and bite, so long as I can hear III smelly I will be alright. But once I become old I will be neglected, and I will have to move from one corner of the house to another, growling at my enemies, neglect by all… it is very sad. Sir, be kind to us.” ‘

Lord, the Creator, thought for a moment and said, “You are right. It will be a sad I give you 12 years. That will be sufficient?

The Dog jumped in joy, ran round and and bounded off, jumping over the low walls, to catch up with the swinging, dancing procession grinding ahead.

Narada said, “My Father then saw a Monkey jumping down from one of the trees in the front courtyard! It swung its hind-legs and wiping its eyes and face with its hands, said, “Thirty years!! How will we live so long our cruel life? We have to dance and make faces and entertain people, so that we may get something from them?and generally it will be some sour, unripe fruit, or some hard nut. We have to jump from branch to branch, swing from creeper to creeper and live on the top branches of trees all our life. When we grow old we have no grip in our hands, our trembling legs will have no spring, our teeth gone we will not be able even to eat fruits or leaves. And then to live long years would be extremely painful. Therefore, Sir, please reconsider our lot.”

Loka-Pithamah, the Great Grand Sire of the World, sat, lost in thoughts, and smiling at the silent monkey in all benevolence, said graciously, “You are right, dear. You will be in a lot of suffering. I reduce your span of life to 20 years. Are you satisfied?”

The monkey did not even stop to reply but suddenly turned and ran up the trees, jumped from branch to branch, swung on the creepers, precisely caught the next hanging creeper, and thus dashed down, in all hurry to join the noisy multitudes and their excited dance down the road to life,

Thrilled with the ecstasy of his creation act, my Father was standing joyful and contented. He was seen bathed in the glow of love in a heavenly light of music, which had the sweetness of an exquisite perfume, soft and cool to the touch, divinely blissful and godly in peace.

“We were not alone!” started Narada dramatically “as we thought. There came to us then two or three hesitant, soft, coughs, announcing the presence of yet someone waiting in the courtyard. In the gathering gloom of the dusk we saw a man standing in humble reverence, expressing his joy and devotion through his sparkling eyes of beauty and intelligence. My Father stood there, staggering inwardly at a sudden flash of a tragic realisation that His best handiwork, man, is perfect only in his biological structure and, not yet, in his inner powers of judgement. He was sad at the general performance, and yet happy to seethe beauty of man. His noblest piece of work.

The Father of Man asked, “What can you want. Oh Magnificent Man. Thirty brilliant years you live dynamically ruling over all passions and pains. Live dedicated to your highest conscience and Come back to Me?.

“Sir. You are omniscient. I need not inform you. But I want to bring only one simple point to your attention. It is this. By the age of thirty I would have grown up, learnt an art, earned sufficiently, perhaps, just finished building a house for me, my son or sons, and their mother. I would have finished my struggle, and would have just started to sit back to enjoy the fruits of my labour. At such a time, if life were to be cut off, would it not be the greatest tragedy?? painful, unjust? Thirty years, I feel, is not enough for us.”

A cloud of sorrow gathered on my Father’s brow. There were a couple of blinding flashes of white-hot disappointment blazing forth from His temples. “The Lord smiled and, magnificent in His rediscovered calm serenity, sonorously said these words of maddening love: “Son, certainly I shall satisfy you. You shall have above and besides what we gave you, the first thirty years, the Donkey’s 18, the Dog’s 12, and the Monkey’s 20?altogether full 80 years span of existence in the world. Are you now happy?”

The ancient first-man, our initial forefather, in great satisfaction fell prostrate at the feet of the Father-of-All. He took leave, and skipping and jumping, crying Hallelujah, to the Lord and His Mercy, hurried down to join the rolling procession of mirth and merriment, rushing gladly to the newly created world to dwell.

When he had left, the Lord sat beat. His head in His hands. continued Narada, “I dared not interrupt the stillness there. …. His eyes fell on me. He forced a smile into His face. Almost in a weary voice He said, “Man has yet to go a long way to perfect himself. Why wouldn’t he bend himself to the wise will of the Supreme. He asks?and the fool doesn’t know what to ask. He feels he is wise, but a more foolish animal has not left this courtyard today. But he will grow?-and Narada, you must make it your life’s mission to serve him, to help him. Devotion to Narayana alone can save man from his seeming intelligent stupidities, his wise-looking foolishness’. And my Father indulgently-smiled, perhaps at Himself! Maybe at man. “However,” continued the great Devarshi, “I found courage to ask my Father?-What is the great mistake man has made now??

After a poignant silence, the Lord answered, “Have you no eyes to see? Look what a tearful stream of tragedy his life will be. Every man till the end of creation will live his first thirty years happy and intelligent, dynamic, purposefully divine as he is intended to live. Then for the next 18 years he will live the life of a beast of burden, whipped by the circumstances, hungry and thirsty, yet carry loads?all for others. Then from his 48th to his 60th birthday he will live a dog’s life, guarding his earnings and barking at all, biting some to-serve his master and to protect his home. Alas, then for his last twenty years after his Sashtyabdhapoorthi?60th birthday ?the life of a Monkey. Jumping from branch to branch of his family, making faces and making his grand children laugh, and in his hapless old age- eye dim, teeth lost, jaws jutting out, temples shrunk, hair grown thin ? he will look like a monkey, in his death bed.

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