Aitareya Upanishad

1. OM. In the beginning this was the self, just one, nothing
else blinking. He thought, ‘Let me create worlds.’

2. He created these worlds: the heavenly water, light-rays,
death, the waters. That is the heavenly water, beyond the
sky. Sky is the base. Middle-air is the light-rays. The earth
is death. What is below is the waters.

3. He thought, ‘Here are the worlds: let me create protectors
of the worlds.’ From the waters he drew out and shaped a

4. He heated him up. When he was heated up, a mouth
broke out of him, like an egg. From the mouth came speech;
from speech, fire. Nostrils broke out. From the nostrils came
breath; from breath, air. Eyes broke out. From the eyes came
sight; from sight, the sun. Ears broke out. From the ears
came hearing; from hearing, the directions. A skin broke
out. From the skin came the body hairs; from the body hairs,
the plants and trees. A heart broke out. From the heart came
mind; from the mind, the moon. A navel broke out. From
the navel came the lower breath; from the lower breath, death. A phallus broke out. From the phallus came seed; from the seed, the waters.

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