Kena Upanishad: Book IV

1. 'Brahman,' she said. 'You were triumphing in the victory of brahman.'

Then he knew it as brahman.

2. That is why these gods�Agni, Vayu, Indra�are somewhat above the other gods: they touched it closest.

3. That is why Indra is somewhat above the other gods: he touched it closest; he was the first to know it as brahman.

4. There is this symbolic statement about it: 'As when lightning has flashed�Aaah!�and made us blink�Aaah!' So much regarding deities.

5. Regarding oneself: 'Mind seems to go to it; and by it, the imagination at once remembers.'

6. It is called 'the beloved': it should be worshipped as 'the beloved'. All beings greatly love the one who knows this.

7. Sir, tell me the inner teaching.

The inner teaching has been told to you. We have told you the inner teaching of brahman.

8. Asceticism (tapas), self-control and work (karman) are its supports (pratisthd); the Vedas are all its limbs; truth is its dwelling.

9. Whoever knows it as such destroys evil and in the end stands firm (prati-stha), stands firm in the highest heavenly world.

OM. May my limbs, speech, breath, eye, ear, strength and all senses grow strong. Everything is the brahman of the Upanisads. May I not reject brahman. May brahman not reject me. May there be no rejecting. May there be no rejecting of me. May all the dharmas which are in the Upanisads be in me, who delight in the self. May they be in me.

OM. Peace, peace, peace.

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