Asanas: Virabhadrasana

  • The hip joints, knees, groins become flexible and relaxed.
  • The rigid shoulder and neck joints get flexible and supple.
  • People suffering from defective spinal column find relief.
  • The accumulated fat around the hips gets burned. The misplaced uterus also gets corrected.


  1. Stand with feet apart.
  2. Extend the arms on the sides parallel to the floor with palms facing the floor.
  3. Slowly lift the forefoot of the right leg, turn the leg sideways towards the right side, right knee facing the right side and then place the foot on the floor.
  4. Bend the right knee in such a way that the outer knee and the heel of that leg are in the same line and form a perpendicular line to the floor.
  5. Turn the head towards the right and look towards the right side. Remain in this position for 30 seconds.
  6. Breathe normally.


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