Introduction To Yoga

The attitude towards Yoga and its acceptance has undergone a sea change over the last twenty years. This is true not only of our country where Yoga originated a thousand years ago, but also of far-flung countries all over the world.

Why has Yoga created such awareness in the common person be he a business tycoon, professional, worker, housewife, student or child?

Yoga inculcates discipline. Apart from being therapeutic, it is an exhilarating experience harmonising the body, mind and spirit. The combination of posture, relaxation, repetitions and breathing clears the body of toxins, cleanses the mind and allows the free flow of energy. One emerges refreshed and rejuvenated after a yoga session. Yoga also helps in releasing tensions generated from repetitive mundane activities that make daily tasks unbearable. The stipple ness and flexibility of the body can be regained and restored with regular practise of Yoga.

Yoga asanasare famous for being non-violent. Least amount of energy is utilised while performing the various postures. One never feels tired and exhausted at the end of a Yoga session because a lot of lubrication is created in the joints. Due to rotation, flexion or extension, the muscles have the optimum control, contraction or optimum relaxation. It is a competition between ones owns body and ones own self as the practise of asanas makes one judicious in action, thought and speech.

Man grows harmoniously from the physical to the mental level and from the mental to the spiritual level. The greatest advantage of yogic postures is that it exercises the organ; of our body like the lungs, glandular systems, liver, spleen, pancreas thyroid, genitals, and urinary systems, and maintains them it perfect health all through our lift span. A mere 25-30 minutes of Yoga asanas every second or third day, if not daily, is sufficient to keep a perfect, balanced health (mind and body) even during old age. One car attain a sound mind in a sound body) through the practise of Yoga.

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