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Vishnu Vandan

Vishnu, the Preserver God, is the protector of righteousness and the guardian of humanity. According to Hinduism Lord Vishnu is the only true and sole manifestation of the cosmos and is considered to be the Omnipresent Para Brahman (Eternal Soul). This astounding album exemplifies the all-pervading nature of the Supreme Lord Vishnu in the form of exhortation of His exclusive worship that provides nirvana to His worshippers. The worship of Lord Vishnu illuminates and enlightens our soul, our very essence and invigorates our spirit. His worship in the precise way can provide immense peace and happiness in our daily lives leading to greater serenity and salvation.

The art of Vishnu Vandan would lead the person in deeper meditation and unending sea of calmness thus immersing oneself in the answers of the unknown leading to a merger with the Almighty. To quest the thirst of our souls and to pacify our restless self it is deemed all the more important to seek refuge in the light of Vishnu and this album succeeds in providing our impoverished minds the much needed peace and tranquility. This album is an exquisite compilation of most-powerful Vedic stotras and shlokas like Vishnu Vandan, Purush Suktam, Satyanarayan Ashtakam, Achyutashtakam, and other shlokas of Vedanta. This album is thus a unique vehicle to experience the omnipotence and omnipresence of Lord Vishnu. Sung by distinguished singers like Sanjeev Abhyankar, Rattan Mohan Sharma, Devaki Pandit and many more, this is a must-have album for his devotees.

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