Pooja Items & Samagiri: Kalash


This 100% pure Copper Kalash is the most fundamental part of the daily pooja done by Hindus since time immemorial. Mango leaves are placed in the mouth of the pot and a coconut is placed over it. A red or white thread is tied around its neck or sometimes all around it in an intricate diamond-shaped pattern. The pot may be decorated with designs. When the pot is filled with water or rice, it is known as purnakumbha representing the inert body which when filled with the divine life force gains power to do all the wonderful things that makes life what it is.

The kalash is placed with due rituals on all important occasions like the traditional house warming (grhapravesh), wedding, daily worship etc. It is placed near the entrance as a sign of welcome. It is also used in a traditional manner while receiving holy personages. The water in the kalash symbolizes the primordial water from which the entire creation emerged. It is the giver of life to all and has the potential of creating innumerable names and forms, the inert objects and the sentient beings and all that is auspicious in the world from the energy behind the universe. The leaves and coconut represent creation. the thread represents the love that “binds” all in creation. The kalash is therefore considered auspicious and worshipped. The Copper Kalash has been treated with a special lacquer coating to prevent it from tarnishing too.

Weight: 250 Gms.
Size: Height: 4″

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